Care and Cleaning of Diamond

A fact to be noted that one cause of the diamond formation process is its incredible durability.

Durability is the jewel’s ability to withstand wear, heat, and chemicals. A diamond jewellery’s durability consists of three properties: hardness, toughness, and stability.

  1.   Hardness means how well a gemstone resists scratches and abrasions. Gem and mineral hardness is measured on the Mohs scale.  Diamonds rate the highest on this scale, at number 10.
  2.   Toughness describes how well can diamond resist cracks and chipping.
  3.   Stability means how well a diamond resist chemical and temperature changes. Diamonds are known to be very stable. Incidents than can far more greatly threaten a diamond’s stability are the ones can be caused by sudden or extreme temperature changes. These aforementioned changes can lead to a “thermal shock” to these diamonds and hence create new cracks or fractures; or cause the existing cracks to become more prominent.

Make sure to not store diamonds next to your other pieces of jewellery since it may cause some scratches. It would be befitting to invest in a separate compartment fabric-lined jewellery case. You can also individually wrap your diamonds in soft tissue paper or use jewellery pouches for each piece.


What to do:

Diamonds can be cleaned safely and easily with a lint-free piece of clothing, commercial jewellery cleaning solutions, and household detergents.

  1. In a bowl place some warm water, some mild mild detergent and a small amount of ammonia
  2. Place the diamond stone in the solution and for a few minutes
  3. Remove the jewellery from the bowl and clean gently with the toothbrush using the liquid from the bowl. Rub the toothbrush gently against all sides of the diamond- the crown (top), pavilion (bottom) as well as all side facets. 
  4. Wash your diamond jewellery under clean warm water until any residue of soap is removed.
  5. Rinse and dry with a clean soft cloth.

It’s recommended that you take your diamond to an authorised jeweller for professional cleaning at least once a year.

What not to do:

Harsher cleaning methods are not recommended for home use cleaning of diamonds. These include powdered abrasive household cleansers, ultrasonic cleaners, and steam cleaners.

Exposure to chemically treated creams and other substances can be the reason there may be a buildup on your jewel that may cause your diamond’s brilliance and sparkle to dull out. It can also be the cause of damage and discolouration.

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